Finding an Academic Advisor

When you are ready to go to college, or you are thinking about making a move that could define your future, you will need as much help as you can get. And while some people may have the benefit of being able to talk with their parents, or their friends, about these important questions, others need professional help. And there are many colleges where you simply do not get this type of assistance. When you get in, you are almost on your own. But at other schools, you will always have academic advising Stockton options available to you.

But why does academic advising even matter? We can talk about it a little bit right now. The reason why academic advising is so important is because students are often very confused when they go to college. Even if they have some type of major in mind, they often do not know what classes they should be taking, what extracurricular activities could benefit them the most, and how they can go about getting internships and eventually a job! And with an academic advisor, you can talk about these issues in some detail before you come up with solutions.

Some of this academic advising will take place after you have come to the school, but it is also possible to talk with the advisors when you are applying and making a decision about where you want to go. How does this help? It gives you some insight into the type of assistance and personal attention you are going to get at the school. And in many ways, going to a school that has smaller class sizes and a better professor to student ratio can really help a student, as opposed to going to a massive state school where you can hardly get in a word with your professors!